XV Congress

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XV Congress of the Serbian Psychiatric Association
WPA co-sponsored XV National Congress of the Serbian Psychiatric Association

Pathways and Crossroads of Psychiatry

12-15 October 2016
Belgrade, Serbia
Serbian Academy of Science and Arts
Organizing Committee
Dusica Lecic Tosevski, SPA President
Member, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Vladimir S. Kostic
President, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Veselinka Susic
Member, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Dragan Micic
Member, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Serbian Psychiatric Association – SPA
Goran Mihajlovic, President Elect
Olivera Vukovic, Secretary General
Branislav Radmanovic, Secretary for Finances
Maja Ivkovic, Secretary for Education
Boris Golubovic, Secretary for Sections and Publications
Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, Council member
Nadja Maric Bojovic, Council member
Young Psychiatrists Section – SPA
Milica Borovcanin, President
Ana Munjiza, President Elect
Marina Mihaljevic, Secretary
Tatjana Voskresenski, Vrsac
Ivana Gavrilovic, Belgrade
Grozdanko Grbesa, Nis
Gordana Dedic, Belgrade
Bojana Dunjic Kostic, Belgrade
Vladimir Djordjevic, Nis
Olga Zivanovic, Novi Sad
Svetlana Zdravkovic, Belgrade
Jelena Kalicanin, Belgrade
Milan Latas, Belgrade
Maja Milosavljevic, Belgrade
Aleksandra Nedic, Novi Sad
Jelena Odzic, Belgrade
Zorana Pavlovic, Belgrade
Maja Pantovic, Belgrade
Bojana Pejuskovic, Belgrade
Jovanka Petrovic, Novi Knezevac
Milica Pejovic Milovancevic, Belgrade
Zeljko Rodic, Kovin
Albina Stanojevic, Nis
Sanja Totic-Poznanovic, Belgrade
Invited lectures
Hagop S. Akiskal (USA)
Branko Aleksic (Japan)
Michel Botbol (France)
George N. Christodolou (Greece)
Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)
Helen Herrman (Australia)
Vladimir S. Kostić (Serbia)
Mike Crawford (UK)
Valery Kraskov (Russia)
Mario Maj (Italy)
Roger Mulder (New Zealand)
Miranda Olff (Netherlands)
Jelena Radulovic (USA)
Michelle Riba (USA)
Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)
Allan Tasman (USA)
Peter Tyrer (UK)

Congress Structure
Plenary Lectures
Poster Presentations
Second announcement – 01 February 2016

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