Young Psychiatrists

WPA Program for Young Psychiatrists WPA co-sponsored and under asupices of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia National congress of the Serbian Psychiatric Association “Psychiatry for the person and social transition” Belgrade, 19-22 October 2008 Congress Centre “Sava”, Belgrade, Serbia Zonal school for young psychiatrists, residents in psychiatry and clinical doctors will be organized during WPA co-sponsored XIII National congress of the Serbian Psychiatric Association for candidates from Central Europe and Serbia, as a part of the WPA Institutional program for young psychiatrists. Professor Juan Enrique Mezzich, the president of WPA, professor Dusica

Lecic Tosevski and professor Miroslava Jasovic Gasic will be organizers of the school. Dr Nadja Maric, Dr Milica Pejovic Milovancevic and Dr Milan Latas, assistant professors from the Belgrade School of Medicine will be engaged in Zonal school organization. The School is a continuation of the first school for young psychiatrists which was held in December 2004 at Mecavnik, Serbia. THE AIMS OF SCHOOL The aims of School are to teacht young colleagues the basic skills indispensable for scientific work and professional progress, such as writing CV, approach to and use of scientific literature, the presentation preparation and presenting skills of scientific papers and results, planning, writing and publishing of scientific papers along with organization of research projects. The guided poster tour through exibited posters at the Congress will be organized in order to educate candidates about poster presentation skills.THE METHOD OF THE SCHOOL All candidates will be educated in basic scientific and research activities through mini lectures, group activities and practical exercises. SCHOOL OFFICIAL LANGUAGE English LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

3 Vladimir Kmoch Czech Republic Psychiatric Society of Czech Medical Association 5 Radzo Jozef Slovak Republic Slovak Psychiatric Association

Participant Country Nominator
1 Marius Samoila Romania Association of Free Psychiatrist of Romania
2 Eugen Hriscu Romania Romanian Psychiatric Association
4 Alexander Nawka Czech Republic Professor Mezzich
6 Ana Filipce FYROM Macedonian Psychiatric Association (FYROM)
7 Jovo Djedovic Montenegro Psychiatric Association of Montenegro
8 Gorana Sulejmanpasic Bosnia and Herzegovina Psychiatric Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
9 Justina Holka Pokorska Poland Polish Psychiatric Association
10 Violeta Jakovljevic Republika Srpska Psychiatric Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
11 Nikolina Jovanovic Croatia Croatian Psychiatric Association
12 Zeljka Kosutic Serbia Institute for Neuropsychiatric Disorders „Dr Laza Lazarević“, Belgrade
13 Bojna Dunjic Kostic Serbia Institute of Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
14 Vanja Mandic Serbia Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade
15 Natasa Milosevic Serbia Military Medical Academy, Belgrade
16 Slavica Nikolic Serbia Special Neuropsychiatric Hospital „Slavoljub Bakalović“ Vršac
17 Olivera Savic Serbia Special Neuropsychiatric Hospital „Kovin“
18 Milica Borovcanin Serbia Psychiatric Clinic, Kragujevac
19 Jasminka Markovic Serbia Institute of Psychiatry, Clinical Center Novi Sad
20 Jovan Milovanovic Serbia Special Hospital for Neuropsychiatric Disorders „Sveti Vrači“, Novi Kneževac
21 Vladimir Djordjevic Serbia Clinic for Mental Health Protection , Clinical Center Nis
22 Violeta Slavkovic Serbia Psychiatric Clinic, Clinical Center Nis
23 Marija Mitkovic Serbia Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade
24 Milutin Kostic Serbia Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade
25 Maja Lackovic Serbia Institute of Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade
26 Zorana Pavlovic Serbia Institute of Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade

CERTIFICATE All candidates will receive Certificate signed by school organizers. FACULTY President: Prof. Juan Mezzich Chairs: Prof. Dusica Lecic Tosevski, Prof. Miroslava Jasovic Gasic, Assistants: Nadja Maric, Milica Pejovic Milovancevic, Milan Latas PROGRAMME

10.00–10.45 Welcome Introduction Meeting each other Faculty & all participants
10.45-11.30 “Psychiatry for the person and the future of health care” Prof. Juan Mezzich
11.30-12.15 How to write your CV? Milan Latas
15.00–16.00 Guided poster tour Milan Latas & Milica Pejovic Milovancevic
16.00-16.45 Approach to scientific literature Milica Pejovic Milovancevic
17.30-18.30 How to prepare your paper – to plan, to write, to submit Nadja Maric
10.00-11.00 “How to organize a research project” Prof. Juan Mezzich
11.15-12.15 Power point presentation & presentation skills Nadja Maric
13.30-14.00 Establishment of the Association of young psychiatrists; Final (closing) remarks, certificates Faculty & all participants