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Hagop S. Akiskal (USA)
Temperament and the science of art

Branko Aleksic (Japan)
Comparative genetic analysis of autism and schizophrenia – focus on rare variants

Michel Botbol (France)
Psychoses in adolescence

George N. Christodolou (Greece)
Mental Health Promotion: Concept and Practice

Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)
The Future of Psychiatry – a European Perspective

Helen Herrman (Australia)
Improving the mental health of disadvantaged young people

Vladimir S. Kostić (Serbia)
Pathophysiology of non-motor signs and symptoms in Parkinson’s disease

Mike Crawford(UK)
Assessing the severity of personality disorder; the role of interpersonal problems and sense of self

Valery Krasnov (Russia)
Long-term mental health consequences of Chernobyl disaster: 30-years study of clean-up workers cohort

Mario Maj (Italy)
The crisis of confidence in the DSM paradigm and the future of psychiatric diagnosis

Roger Mulder(New Zealand)
Describing personality disorders: a proposal for a model that is clinically useful and evidence based

Miranda Olff (Netherlands)
New interventions after trauma: from neurobiology to e-health

Jelena Radulovic (USA)
Pathways to fear

Michelle Riba (USA)
Distress and cancer

Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)
Economic policies, health and health care

Allan Tasman(USA)

Peter Tyrer (UK)
The early identification and treatment ofpersonality disorder the way forward for clinical psychiatry

Thomas Schulze (Germany)
State of the art psychiatric genetics and pharmacogenetis-an interactive educational workshop